MeacoDry ABC 10L Compressor Dehumidifier

2 year parts and labour warranty
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2 year parts and labour warranty


2 year warranty.


2 year warranty.


  • A Quiet Mark award-winning dehumidifier that’s ideal for smaller homes
  • Energy efficient 
  • Eliminates moisture – ideal for damp basements and against mould and condensation
  • Multiple features – child lock, laundry & timer
  • Low-cost laundry drying solution
  • Compact design  –  small and lightweight
  • This range comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty

The MeacoDry ABC 10L comes at an exceptional price for its outstanding performance and is perfect for any home up to 3 bedroom or similar sized office space.

The MeacoDry ABC 10L is ultra-quiet emitting only 35dB, when on low speed and 40db at higher fan speed this makes it very suitable for more compact areas where noise could be a nuisance. Energy efficiency is the buzzword for the MeacoDry ABC 10L dehumidifier which is a cost-effective and practical solution to solve any moisture issues, dramatically increasing the comfort level of living in any home.

The MeacoDry ABC 10L features easy to use controls with a display showing the current room relative humidity and the ability for you to set your target relative humidity in steps of 5%.

Features include:

  • Laundry mode – Makes the machine run at full speed for a times 6 hours to help dry your clothes and then switches off to save energy
  • Automatic turn off – prevents spillage when water tank is full
  • Auto-off timer – schedule when the appliance turns off
  • Child lock - to prevent hands small and large from changing your settings
  • Simple controls
  • 2 Year warranty

Extraction Rate Data

Room Conditions Maximum Water Extraction Wattage
5°C and 60%RH 0.47 L/day 124 W
10°C and 60%RH 1.09 L/day 133 W
15°C and 60%RH 1.29 L/day 140 W
20°C and 60%RH 3.78 L/day 152 W
25°C and 60%RH 5.02 L/day 165 W
30°C and 60%RH 6.36 L/day 182 W
5°C and 80%RH 1.08 L/day 125 W
10°C and 80%RH 2.29 L/day 134 W
15°C and 80%RH 5.16 L/day 145 W
20°C and 80%RH 6.72 L/day 158 W
25°C and 80%RH 8.38 L/day 174 W
30°C and 80%RH 10.26 L/day 195 W

Technical Overview

Compressor or Desiccant? Compressor
Extraction Rate at 26.7°C and 60%rh 5.11 litres per day
Extraction Rate at 30°C and 80%rh 10.26 litres per day
Noise level at one metre 35 to 40dB(A)
Rated Power Consumption 160W (see table above for more details)
Variable Humidistat Yes
Approximate electricity cost Just 2.45p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh
Air Flow (nominal) 100m³/hour
Fan Speeds Two
Filter Washable dust filter
Laundry Mode Yes
Digital Display Yes
Tank 2.6 litres
Operating Temperatures 5.....35°C
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz
Refrigerant R134a
Rated Current 1.0A
Dimensions (HWD) mm 463 x 300 x 250mm
Weight 10.5kgs

Continuous Drainage Hose

  • This Meaco Dehumidifer can operate under continuous drainage and uses hose of 14mm internal diameter, 17mm external diameter.
  • Unit should be set up for gravity feed, for example - place the dehumidifier onto a worktop and drain into a sink

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