Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Constant Drain Hose - 2m

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A 2m length of PVC Hose to suit the Meaco DD8L range of dehumidifiers. The Meaco DD8L Hose will only fit the models as per below:

  • Meaco DD8L Senior Dehumidifier
  • Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier


  1. This hose fits onto the tap inside the Meaco unit which normally feeds into the bucket. By using this method you can drain the water into a nearby sink or out a window without the need to empty the bucket.
  2. Remove the bucket and slip the hose onto the tap. Friction will keep the hose secure.
  3. The water should feed into the hose and out into any space you desire. If this does not occur, put a small pin prick into the hose a couple of inches down from the tap. This will relieve the pressure and let the water flow through.
  4. For further information please contact us on 00353 28 23190.


  • Internal diameter: 8mm
  • Outside diameter: 11mm
  • Length: 2 metres
  • Material: PVC

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