Buying a Fan in Ireland

Buying a Fan in Ireland

7th Jul 2022

If you're looking to buy a home cooling fan for warmer summer temperatures in Ireland, it may be hard to decide which fan to choose. We have a few helpful Q&As to guide you.

Which fan is the best?

The best fans are those that effectively cool the air in your space, without getting in your way or making a noise. Many fans are big and noisy, but the Meaco range is designed to be compact and super-quiet without compromising on cooling performance.

Which fan is the best for Ireland?

We think that Meaco fans are the best buy and that's why we sell them in Ireland. Meaco fans have won a range of awards to back up their quality and efficacy, and they also consistently get great customer reviews.

Which type of fan is best?

Fans are fairly standard, but it's best to choose one that circulates the air well, operates quietly without disturbing you, and looks great in your home. The biggest difference is really in size, and whether the fan is is on a pedestal or not. 

What is an air circulator fan?

An air circulator is a fan that oscillates left and right and up and down, bouncing the air off the walls and ceilings, moving all the air in the room rather than just having a tunnel of airflow. The oscillation makes for more pleasant, effective cooling. 

Why choose a Meaco fan?

Meaco's fans are award-winning, stylish, quiet and affordable. No more noisy ceiling fans, or paying hundreds of euros for a fan that just doesn't do the job. Meaco's fans come with many features, including low energy cooling, optional night lights, super-quiet operation, timer function and multi-direction air flow.

Meaco's fans have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Ideal Home and Trusted Reviews, and have been awarded a Quiet Mark status for their near-silent operation.

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